Video Web Streaming Services for Politics

The political landscape is a fast moving sector where quick responses and delivering your message first is important. In an environment where things can change rapidly, speed is critical to ensure people know everything about your position and to prevent misinformation. Furthermore, those with a vested interest want the most up-to-date facts so they can spread their messages to others to ensure that people are getting the full message.

Key Benefits for Politics

  • Easy-to-use and set up comprehensive live video broadcasting – no technical experts required
  • Completely web-based, self-service –no equipment to buy, no license fees
  • Free trial to get started - no risk to try
  • Leverages existing content to create greater community and/or increase donations
  • Fosters greater engagement and participation among those with a vested interest
  • Extends the reach of your message through broadcast events, ceremonies and other venues
  • Better engages with your entire community whoever they are and wherever they are
  • Integrated social network support with services such as Facebook
  • Host previously recorded events and rallies for instant access with VOD streaming


TheWeb Streaming integrated,live video streaming service enables you to get your message out and deliver that information quickly and professionally. Distributing statements, broadcasting rallies or events and directly communicating with your base are all possible through live streaming with Web Streaming. No complicated set up and provisioning process required. Web Streaming provides a complete, self-service integrated system with everything you need to get started and none of the complexity found in similar systems.

Web Streaming Video Online for Politics

The Web Streaming video Web Streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform. You can start streaming to your audiences within 20 minutes while increasing constituent participation at the same time.

No need to go through complex processes to set up separate payment accounts to accept donations or sign multiple deals with major video streaming suppliers. All video streaming management has been integrated to seamlessly and securely stream content. Pay-as-you-go pricing and self-service set up is a low risk investment that requires no fees.

To best manage a candidate or stance and strengthen communication, Web Streaming is also a white label service. This means no company logos or unwanted branding will appear during streams to interfere with a message or position. Streams can also be broadcast directly from social networks, such as Facebook. This makes it easy to build up a community and create incentives for people to follow candidates or positions and have them build a base of followers that can share their content with others for a viral effect.

Built-in Monetization

Throug hWeb Streaming 's video streaming system, political organizations can broadcast their content live to any audience local or worldwide. They can also archive all their content and make it available on demand. If you want to attract donations, DaCast offers you a choice of fund raising models. You can charge on a pay-per-view or subscription basis or allow users to hear/view your audio/video for free. You choose based on your needs. In addition, DaCast offers a powerful analytics dashboard to let you monitor your audience's video usage so you can refine your programming and improve your outreach efforts.

Web Streaming Self-Service Video Streaming Uses

  • Broadcast debates, rallies, interviews, ceremonies and other events
  • Provide live coverage and enhance the experience with built-in live chat while streaming
  • Deliver your message as quickly as possible through a live event
  • Provide a rally or event experience to those unable to attend
  • Provide live video meetings to create direct involvement with your base
  • Host past events and video content with HD quality streams for viewers to watch
  • Create a means for people to easily donate to your organization, initiative or candidate