Video Web Streaming Services for Television

Today, TV stations have difficulty reaching larger audiences as they are limited by satellite and cable providers. Intense competition from local rivals and internet advertising are reducing revenues and profitability. If TV stations decide to broadcast live video streaming over the web, it can be very complex and technically demanding - often requiring investment in expensive equipment and specialized personnel. Even if these obstacles can be overcome, it is still difficult to monetize content.

Key Benefits

    Web Streaming's innovative, video streaming system provides many benefits to help you monetize your video content:

  • Comprehensive, all-in-one, live video streaming service – nothing to purchase
  • Easy to use and set up by anyone – no technical expertise required
  • Easy to use and set up by anyone – no technical expertise required
  • Pre-negotiated ad agreements with networks – saves you time and lets you monetize your content immediately
  • HD quality streams are available through a top tier Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • Pay-per-view, Subscription, and Advertising monetization models – You choose how to boost your profits.
  • VOD streaming allows instant access to certain programming and gives added subscription value
  • Easy integration into existing websites and portals through embedded video


The Web Streaming integrated, live video streaming service enables traditional and cutting edge age TV stations and video content providers the ability to successfully compete in this new market with robust revenue options. The platform presents a white label service, allowing for media content distributors to promote their own brand and quickly start to monetize their existing content and live video. Multiple channel support allows for a variety of programming, focusing on both broad and niche audiences at the same time, through the same interface and with the same level of rich monetization options.

Web Streaming Video Online for TV

The integrated, Web Streaming video streaming system allows you to easily broadcast over the Internet. The quick set up process allows you to immediately monetize it through subscriptions, advertising or pay-per-view monetization. You choose how to make money with your target audience – Web Streaming provides the complete, integrated system with everything you need to make it happen.

The Web Streaming video streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform. You can start making money within 20 minutes. No need to go through complex processes to set up separate payment accounts, as with Web Streaming the payment system is included.

A secure platform is also guaranteed, allowing sports organizations and owners to broadcast audiovisual media not only securely but also define the regions that can access that streaming content. In addition, you can also broadcast your content on demand with VOD or through playlist scheduler streaming.

Built-in Monetization

Through Web Streaming's live video streaming system, TV stations can broadcast their content to any audience worldwide without being limited by cable or satellite operators' systems. Forward thinking TV stations can also supplement a traditional channel model, where viewers tune in for content that is also available on demand to provide additional value. To maximize revenues,Web Streaming offers you the choice of three different monetization models for all of your content. You can charge on a pay-per-view basis, subscription or you can run ads of your own or those supplied by Web Streaming's video advertising network partners. In addition, Web Streaming offers a powerful analytics dashboard to let you monitor and improve your revenue generation efforts.

Success story

The old way - An independent TV station with archives of cooking shows today:

  • one channel, competing with other cooking channels
  • distribution limited to the US by cable and satellite operators
  • receiving ~50 cents per subscriber per month from the operator

The new way - With Web Streaming the TV station:

  • offers 5 channels, each on a different cuisine, better leveraging all existing content
  • distributes worldwide without limitations
  • reaches more targeted sub-segments, differentiating itself from the competition
  • sells subscriptions for $5 per month and keeps all the profits itself