Video Web Streaming Services for Sports

No medium has benefited more from live streaming than sports. Fans demand up-to-the minute presentations and statistics on teams and players. Late is not an option when it comes to sports, be it local or major, and fans will start to feel disconnected from one another if they can't converse about the latest developments.

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use and set up, comprehensive live video broadcasting – no technical experts required
  • Completely web-based, self-service –no equipment to buy, no license fees and no upfront costs
  • Fosters greater engagement and participation among fans for their favorite sports teams
  • Extends the reach of your content for even sold out games and events
  • Better engages with your entire community whoever they are and wherever they are
  • Develops new online offerings and new revenue opportunities
  • Let your audience watch whenever they want with the option of video on demand

The Web Streaming Self-Service Web Streaming Solution

The Web Streaming integrated, live video streaming service allows you to keep those fans in the loop and immediately broadcast premium or free presentations of sporting events, interviews or games. No complicated set up and provisioning process required. Web Streaming provides a complete, integrated system with everything you need to get started and none of the complexity found in other streaming systems. Plus, through Web Streaming, organizations can not only broadcast events and games live, but also repackage that material for on demand use through the same platform.

Self-Service Streaming Model

The Web Streaming video streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform. You can start streaming to your audiences within 20 minutes while increasing fan participation at the same time.

No need to go through complex processes to set up separate payment accounts or sign multiple deals with major video streaming suppliers. All video streaming management has been integrated to seamlessly and securely stream content, payment system included. Pay-as-you-go pricing and self-service set up. Web Streaming islow risk investments that require no upfront fees.

A secure platform is also guaranteed, allowing sports organizations and owners to broadcast audiovisual media not only securely but also define the regions that can access that streaming content. In addition, you can also broadcast your content on demand with VOD or through playlist scheduler Web Streaming.

Built-in Monetization

Through Web Streaming's video streaming system, sports related institutions can broadcast their content to any audience worldwide. To maximize revenues, Web Streaming offers you the choice of monetization models. You can charge on a subscription or pay per view monetization basis. You choose based on your needs.

In addition, Web Streaming offers a powerful analytics dashboard to let you monitor your audience's video usage so you can refine your programming and improve your revenue generation efforts.

Web Streaming Self-Service Video Streaming Uses

  • Broadcast games, rallies, tournaments, interviews, ceremonies and other events
  • Web Streaming live game coverage and enhance the experience for fans with live chat while streaming
  • Provide the most rapid means of delivering sports news through a live venue
  • Reach new audiences unable to attend games
  • Leverage existing video archives and content for special broadcasts or on demand viewing
  • Provide live video meetings for players, fans and other interested communities