WebStreaming.in Webstreamer is a robust high quality encoding software application which can use multiple sources and stream to all platforms – PC, Mac, IPhone, Android, Flash, VLC, Blackberry, IPTV and more. This is a specially designed encoding/streaming software that seamlessly integrates with the other members of the WebStreaming.in system to provide you the best streaming experience possible. This allows the users to stream at lower bandwidths so that audience with bad internet connection can view the video content without compromising with the stream quality.

WebStreaming.in webstreamer can stream at multi-bit rates and from different video files. WebStreaming.in Webstreamer supports transcoding and is provided on demand. It supports social webcasting that is the video content can be published live to Facebook.

Take a closer look at the features of WebStreaming.in Webstreamer:

Live Scrolling Text

Announcements, advertisements, flash news, bible verses or any other text information can be made to flash over the live video as a scrolling text. The scrolling speed, text color, background color, etc. can be controlled. It supports multiple languages. Scrolling Text will be flashing on your live video until you click the stop button.

Live Chat module

When there is a video conference or a medical webinar, your viewers can interact with each other through the Live chat module. The webinar admin can interact with the viewers, answer to their questions and discuss issues like a direct meeting. The admin can clear the chat history and change the appearance of the chat module.

Record as you go Live

While streaming the live video, you can also record the videos. These videos can be stored on server or on your hard disk. Stored videos are immediately available for re-telecast. You can access your stored videos library anytime by logging into the WebStreaming.in webstreamer with a valid credentials. Recording a live video has never been this easy before.

CDN Switching Control

Are the network traffic and CDN issues worrying you? Can you imagine a day when the data centers fail due to natural catastrophe? Wouldn't you like to switch to another center? Well, WebStreaming.in allows you to switch your streaming channel from one CDN to another. You can switch between the WebStreaming.in CDNs and choose a CDN that can stream faster and better for you.

Live Rewind, Pause and Forward

When you miss something important to notice in a video, don't you just rewind and pause that moment? How cool will it be to rewind and pause a LIVE cricket match or a wedding event? Yes, with WebStreaming.in player, your viewers can now enjoy the premium features of a DVR by rewinding, pausing or forwarding the live relay!

Domain Restriction

Domain Restriction feature in WebStreaming.in software helps you to avoid unauthenticated websites or users from copying your content. Adding the domain names under the white list category enables sharing of your content in these domains and adding the blocked domain names under the black list category prevents the sharing of your content in those domains.

Multi Bit Rate Streaming

Buffering video annoys the website viewers. Hence, WebStreaming.in allows live streaming at multi-bit rates – high quality, medium quality or low quality. This will detect your viewers' internet speed and stream the live video without buffering. This feature is easy-to-use and is available as an On-Demand feature.

Live Presentation

There is no conference or webinar without a presentation. The speaker presents his views and educates the audience with eye-catching presentations, animations and demonstration videos. WebStreaming.in webstreamer enables the speaker to share the flash presentation or PPT slides or a YouTube video to the website viewers as a separate module.

Webcam Sharing application

For web based video conferences, the viewers can also participate and interact using web camera sharing application. The viewers can share their video using a web camera and interact with others using a microphone. This do not need any installation of software.