Video Web Streaming Services for Education

Online video technologies have dramatically increased the ability to reach, connect with, and educate diverse audiences. Teachers and professors can conduct classes and lectures remotely with the use of on-line, live, video streaming. Staff, administrators, faculty, parents, and students can collaborate with each other and streamline both the learning and communication process. Sports teams can easily broadcast games to local and distant fans.

Key Benefits for Education

  • Easy-to-use and set up comprehensive live video broadcasting – no technical experts required
  • Completely web-based, self-service –no equipment to buy, no license fees and no upfront costs
  • Free trial to get started - no risk to try
  • Leverages existing content to create greater community and/or increase revenues
  • Fosters greater engagement and participation among students and other groups
  • Creates new offerings to appeal to remote student groups
  • Extends the reach of your content to either on or off campus audiences
  • Better engages with your entire community whoever they are and wherever they are
  • Develops new online offerings and new revenue opportunities


The Web Streaming integrated, live video streaming service allows you to easily stream your educational content over the Internet.

Start using your video assets to:

  • Improve student and community involvement
  • Increase fan engagement for sports
  • Create monetization opportunities
  • Extend your reach to alumni, faculty, parents and sports teams
  • Expand enrollment without needing more class room seats
  • Create archives of content that are available on demand
  • And start reaping the rewards today

The new Web Streaming integrated, live video streaming system for education allows you to immediately broadcast premium or free educationnal presentations, classes, lectures, seminars and sports events. No lengthy set up and provisioning process required. Web Streaming provides a complete, integrated system with everything you need to get started and none of the complexity found in similar systems.

The Challenges for Educational Institutions in Web Streaming Video Online

The diagram below shows some of the current and potential problems faced by educational institutions today. It also lists a few of the solutions offered by DaCast to address both technical and business complexity and help educational organizations increase participation, membership and donations.

The Web Streaming Self-Service Video Web Streaming Solution for education

The Web Streaming video streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform. You can start streaming to your audiences within 20 minutes while increasing class participation at the same time.

No need to go through complex processes to set up separate payment accounts or sign multiple deals with major video streaming suppliers. All video streaming management and payment systems have been integrated to seamlessly and reliably stream content with added secure hosting. Pay-as-you-go pricing and self-service set up is a low risk investment that requires no upfront costs.

Through Web Streaming 's video Web Streaming system, educational institutions can also broadcast their content to any audience worldwide. The platform can also be used to offer a library of content and courses that users can stream on demand whenever they want through VOD streaming.

Built-in Monetization

To maximize revenues, Web Streaming offers the choice of monetization models. You can charge on a pay per view or subscription monetization basis or allow viewers to access your video for free. You choose based on your needs. In addition, Web Streaming offers a powerful analytics dashboard to let you monitor your audience's video usage so you can refine your programming and improve your revenue generation efforts, if that is what you want to achieve.

Web Streaming Self-Service Video Web Streaming Uses

  • Broadcast games, rallies, tournaments, interviews, ceremonies and other events
  • Stream live classroom discussions and enhance them with live chat while streaming
  • Provide live coverage of important campus events or archive events for future viewing
  • Reach new audiences through e-Learning and distance learning
  • Broadcast sports and drama events - live over the internet and also store for later viewing
  • Provide live video meetings for student, alumni, faculty and other community groups