Audio Web Streaming Services for Radio

Radio has been a mainstay of entertainment culture since its inception. The internet age has quickly brought new meaning and opportunities to radio, as niche and more focused programming is possible. Talk shows, music, education and other topics directed toward specific interests, rather than just the mainstream, have been possible for years. Within this model, how does one improve and continue to provide content to listeners in an inexpensive, feature filled and secure environment with functionality such as live broadcasting?

Key Benefits

  • Easy-to-use and set up comprehensive live broadcasting – no technical experts required
  • Completely web-based, self-service –no equipment to buy and no license fees
  • Free trial to get started - no risk to try
  • Broadcast with amazing sound quality and clarity – you choose the quality you want
  • Better engage with your audience
  • Detailed analytics to understand audience size and demographics
  • Simple to effectively manage numerous radio channels from the same DaCast account
  • Integrated monetization support with already arranged and provided and network support

The Web Streaming Self-Service Streaming Solution

The Web Streaming integrated, live video streaming service allows content owners to stream live radio shows or previously recorded audio to listeners easily and effectively. The platform also provides powerful features and is equipped with built-in ad and pay per view monetization. No complicated set up and provisioning process required.Web Streaming provides a complete, integrated system with everything you need to get started and none of the complexity found in similar systems.

Web Streaming Audio Online for Radio

The Web Streaming audio streaming solution offers everything you need in one integrated platform, including live content distribution and previously recorded . You can start broadcasting to your audiences within 20 minutes, delivering music only or music video content.

No need to go through complex processes to set up separate payment accounts or sign multiple deals with major suppliers. All streaming management and payment systems have been integrated to seamlessly and securely stream content Pay-as-you-go pricing and self-service set up is a low risk investment that requires no upfront fees.

The Web Streaming solution is also flexible for audio broadcasting needs, providing additional features such as a customizable player skin Watermarking, to produce a stable video image to accompany the audio, is also possible. The entire platform is also offered as a white label service, allowing radio stations to build their own identity.

Built-in Monetization

hrough Web Streaming's streaming system, users can broadcast radio channels to any audience local or worldwide. If you want to generate revenue with great premium content, Web Streaming offers you a choice of monetization models. You can charge on a pay-per-view or subscription basis or allow viewers to listen to your content for free. In addition, Web Streaming offers the tools to build listener demographics from a powerful analytics dashboard that also lets you monitor your audience's usage so you can refine your programming and identify your most popular content.

Web Streaming Self-Service Video Web Streaming Uses

  • Broadcastlive radio programming, playlists of music or even podcasts
  • Stream content and enhance the experience for listeners with built-in live chat while streaming
  • Create a back log of on demand radio programs on the same platform
  • Manage several radio stations all through the same account with multiple channel support
  • Extend your reach beyond local markets to other audiences without geographic limitations
  • Host radio shows directly from your Facebook page